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Best Practices for CRM Data Management

CRM data management is essential for business operations to run smoothly.  Inaccurate or missing data is not only frustrating, but can impede on essential business processes.  Not to mention having your team hunt down missing information or correct wrong details is time that could be better spent elsewhere.  Every small business should strive for having clean data – up to date lead and contact details, accurate reflection of pipeline activity, future opportunities forecast with confidence, etc.  As you can see, clean data ensures that your sales team can effectively complete sales processes.

The Importance of a CRM Data Management

New data information and progress in the sales pipeline can happen anywhere, anytime (Yes – even when you’re out of the office!) which is why it’s so important to have a CRM solution that is completely optimized for mobile use.  When your CRM can be accessed from your fingertips, the more likely your team is to use it frequently and effectively. 

Automate the Processes

Using your CRM to automate as many processes as possible increases the quality of data entry by removing the possibility of human error.  Automating data reduces issues like missing, inaccurate, or duplicate data and it will help make sure your data is as updated as possible!  Plus automating data collection and entry will save your team time since they won’t have to manually enter details and information.   This means their time can be better spent doing what they do best – generating leads, selling to prospects, and providing high-quality customer experience

Update Information in Real-Time

As new data is coming in you want to make sure that it is as clean and complete as possible.  

For example, if a contact informs you of a new phone number or pipeline progress is made, input those details ASAP (this is where the whole mobile CRM comes in handy!).  Make sure you’re validating and enriching lead and customer information as much as possible by continually adding details, opportunities, and confidence levels to help save time and money in the future.  

Ditch the days of using clunky spreadsheets to manage your data and sales operations.  aNinja’s data management system is complete with a polished interface and customizable dashboard to ensure that you’re able to access and effectively manage the data you need.

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