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Looking to reach leads faster? Automated Texting is a game-changer

Automated Texting in a CRM

aNinja is uniquely equipped to make the most of leads generated from marketing campaigns. Automated texting is a hands off way to follow up on new leads and move them through your sales funnel. 

Why would you need this? 

To save time and make your sales funnel as efficient as possible. Building a relationship with each new lead individually can take time that could be spent elsewhere. By making the entire sales process shorter and more efficient, more of your time can be allocated to running your actual business. By the time you have to step in, the lead’s expectations are already set, the relationship is started, and they are aware of the next steps in the sales process. 

Solid Communication

The sales process is a delicate one. It has to be completely tailored to the consumer to be effective. A potential lead can pull out at any time due to the smallest issue or miscommunication. This makes solid communication with every new opportunity that comes in that much more important. Not only can an automated texting campaign save you time, but also provide a better consumer experience from start to finish, which will lead to an improvement to your conversion percentage.  

The longer a consumer has to wait and dwell on a purchasing decision, the lower the chance of converting them gets. Consumers are most excited about a new purchase right when they decide they are going to pursue it. As a business, you want to capitalize on that excitement as soon as you can. An automated text campaign allows you to start building a relationship in the earliest stage of the process. As soon as the consumer has decided to learn more about your business, they can be sent a text that reads as though it was personally written to them by the business owner. 

Funneled Leads

Imagine your Facebook campaign is designed to get leads funneled to aNinja. There are three forms of communication. Calling, texting, and emailing. An immediate phone call can be viewed as a little invasive especially if they reached out outside of business hours. Emailing is great but can go to spam or get lost in the hundreds of other emails that the lead receives.

Texting in general is also a much more efficient way of communication than say emailing or even calling on the phone. There does not need to be a meeting time set, or a waiting period for them to look at their email inbox. How often do you get a text message that you don’t look at as soon you pick up your phone? It’s faster, and more personal than any other type of communication right now. So why not use that to your advantage? 

If you want to shorten your sales funnel, make it more efficient, establish relationships with potential customers, and set expectations all before you even step in….then adding an automated texting campaign to your CRM is your best option.

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