Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Customer Relationships

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives.  From virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa to self-driving cars AI is improving and learning at a rapid pace.  So how can businesses reap the benefits of AI?  

The answer: utilizing CRM solutions that offer chatbot technology.  

CRM solutions help to organize, streamline, and manage customer interaction.  One of the ways CRM uses AI to automate communication with clients is via chatbot conversations.  Chatbots are featured on websites to offer top of the line customer service and experience, ensuring that if and when visitors need assistance they have an immediate response.  Any time a customer has a question or wants to get in touch they can use the chatbot to quickly get their answer. Chatbots are always online, even when you’re off the clock, guaranteeing your clients have 24/7 support.  

Additionally, chatbots easily collect lead details such as names, numbers, and other contact information so you can follow up with leads accordingly.  With the proper integrations, the customer information is often sent straight to your CRM software, allowing you to skip the step of manual lead information input.  

Chatbots Over Contact Forms

Many websites currently have contact forms, which are undoubtedly useful, but chatbots are looking as though they are the new replacement for web forms due to their conversational, friendly nature.  Talking to a chatbot often feels like you are just talking to a customer service representative, it feels natural and easy, not to mention it’s satisfying to have your questions answered right away.  Moreover, businesses can customize their chatbots to have a certain tone, style, or flair.  Your chatbot can embody your brand and set the tone of your company.  

If you don’t already have a chatbot embedded on your website, you should.  Check to see if your CRM solution has a chatbot feature and if not find one that does!  The artificial intelligence-powered chatbots will surely save you time, keep you organized, and help to increase your lead generation and meet your revenue goals.

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