4 Reasons We Love Chatbots

Chatbots are a core component of aNinja’s strategy, and an essential feature to have on any website. aNinja’s chatbots offer real-time lead generation via live chat while increasing the effectiveness of the website. Here are four reasons why we love chatbots (and we think you should too).             1. 24/7 Customer

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Traffic But No Sales? 4 Reasons Why

Marketers spend countless amounts of money trying to generate traffic to websites. In reality, the most difficult part of the internet marketing process is converting those visitors to buyers. The average conversion

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How To Send Auto-Texting With CRM

The age of technology has made it possible for businesses to automate many of their processes, including their customer relations management (CRM). One of the

What Are Automated Messages Sequences

If you’re like most people, you probably send out a lot of automated messages each day. Whether it’s a “Happy Birthday!” text message to a