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What to Avoid When Sending Automated Texts

Automated texts are text messages that your program automatically goes out to consumers to market your brand. They are effective because 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being received ( Automated texts are able to reach an incredibly large number of people for a very small price. Texts automation are effective for your business, but there are some practices that should be avoided. Here is a list of what to avoid when sending automated texts.

Text Lingo

If you would not send it to your boss you should not send it to your customer. Text lingo or abbreviations should always be avoided in automated text messages. Abbreviations are not universal enough for everyone to understand, and they are not professional. You should always keep in mind that texts are sometimes difficult to interpret and so your language needs to be clear and straightforward. This also means sarcasm should always be avoided. 

Anonymous Texting 

Put yourself in a customer’s position. If you get a text from an unsaved number and it does not immediately introduce itself; it is going to be deleted. Always start with who you are and remind them that they opted-in for these messages. (Because, side note, people have to allow you to text them!) Consumers will opt-in for text messages if you offer a discount in exchange for their phone number. For example, “sign up for text messages to receive 10% off your next order”. 

Inappropriate Timing

Imagine being in a snowstorm, with no power, and Starbuck’s texts reminding you to get your cold brew for double points. Mmm let’s avoid that. Based on the location of your consumers, you should time your texts accordingly. You do not want to text too early in the morning, or too late in the evening. In fact, you should research the best times to message your contact. Generally speaking, people are on their phones most frequently between 12pm and 6pm. 

Refusing An Opt-Out

Your automated texts should always give customers an option to opt-out if they want. As in, each and every text should give that option. A customer could be interested one day and turned off the next. You need to give an opt-out option to make sure you do not irritate your customers. 

Double Texting

You probably would not like it if a company spammed you, so do not spam your customers. SMS marketing is effective, so you should use it wisely. Send out texts to promote sales, new products, and deals as they come. You can use email marketing for less urgent promotions, and you can also email consumers more often.

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