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SMS for Gyms: Why You Need It

Last-minute cancellation?  Trying to schedule a time for someone to come in and tour your facility? Looking to reach more potential and current members?  If you’re not already communicating with leads and clients via text to handle all these situations, you should be.  SMS messaging is not only an easy and familiar way to get in touch with leads and clients, but probably the quickest way as well! 

Real-Time Communication 

When you use a CRM solution that includes a mobile app, like aNinja, any text notifications will be sent to you in real-time.  This means if someone texts you at 9 p.m. to reschedule their 7 a.m. session tomorrow morning you’ll know immediately and can adjust the day’s schedule accordingly.  This not only helps you manage your gym, but provides excellent customer service to your members.  

Higher Open Rates

Did you know that only 22% of emails are opened?  That means the chances that someone opens your email and actually clicks on your call to action are pretty low.  So why waste time, energy, and money creating promotional marketing materials that aren’t effective?  Text messages, even if they’re mass texts, have a much higher chance of being read.  In fact, SMS open rates are as high as 98%!  This means that not only are more people opening and reading your messages, but more people will take action – sign up for a class, schedule a tour of your facility, take a survey, etc. 

Promotional SMS and MMS Marketing

Another fun fact for you: the average human attention span is only 8 seconds.  If you’re not catching your audience’s attention immediately your marketing is not going to convert.  You need to make sure your communications are clear and concise.  This is why SMS Marketing is so successful – it literally stands for short message service.  MMS (multimedia messaging service) messaging which incorporates pictures and videos is also a great way to grab your consumer’s attention.  Using visuals and imagery embellishes your communications and works especially well for announcing promotions, coupons, discounts, and sales.  

If you don’t already use an SMS service, we highly suggest you start.  Text message marketing not only elevates the marketing communications of small business owners, but makes your life easier and gets you more leads and paying customers.  Why wouldn’t you want that!?

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