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Boost Lead Generation with 3 Simple Strategies

Lead generation is one of the most important, and time-consuming, parts of marketing.  Finding, contacting, and converting leads manually is a difficult and tedious process… but it doesn’t have to be.  We’ve outlined the top strategies to help boost lead generation with minimal effort on your end.  


Chatbots are fun, easy, and most importantly, effective.  The conversational nature of chatbots that mimics human interaction entices leads and makes them more likely to reach out.  Chatbots act as a virtual assistant, available to answer any questions that website visitors may have in addition to collecting contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers.  With chatbot technology not only are potential customers receiving top-notch customer service, but you’re able to boost lead generation by collecting contact information around the clock.  

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a simplified version of your website made specifically for campaigns for target audiences to increase conversions.  Landing pages are such a successful lead generation tool because they have a distinct and focused call to action.  While your website may have a plethora of options for visitors, signing up for a trial, subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing a package, etc.,  landing pages guide your audience to complete one task.  The straightforward nature of landing pages ensures fewer distractions for visitors, making it easier and more likely that they will complete your call to action and enter your sales funnel. 


Embedding a form on your website is a great, and easy, lead generation strategy, especially when it is connected to your CRM platform.  Forms allow leads to input their contact information, and any other inquiries they may have, which will be sent directly to your CRM allowing you access to the information necessary to follow up and nurture these leads. Since your website is always online, your form can collect lead information even when you can’t.  

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