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Why Your Gym Needs aNinja’s CRM

Owning and managing a gym is hard work.  With more and more gyms and fitness centers entering the market clients not only expect top-notch equipment and facilities, but also high-quality customer service that doesn’t make them feel like “just another customer.”  So how exactly can you create a sense of community with an added personal touch? 

aNinja CRM.  aNinja’s CRM Solution was made for gym owners like you in mind.  Equipped with advanced features, yet simple, easy to use interface, aNinja will elevate your fitness center, generating quality leads, retaining clients. aNinja has proven to be a #1 gym sales CRM  


Implementing a chatbot on your website is one of the best lead generation strategies.  Chatbots utilize artificial intelligence to communicate with website visitors in a friendly, personalized manner.  Chatbots act as a virtual assistant that’s online and available even when you’re not.  That means they can respond to potential clients 24/7.  Chatbots can collect contact information, schedule appointments and classes, and even send follow-up texts and emails.  You can even customize your chatbot’s playbook to have tailored responses specific to your gym. 


aNinja’s CRM software automates your marketing communications for you.  Whether it’s text or email (or both!) aNinja allows you to create custom templates, sequences, and triggers to get potential clients through the door.  Instead of manually typing, copying, and pasting invitations to tour your facilities, promotions, or updates to leads and clients you can set up campaigns that will do the work for you.  This ensures that the right communications are going to the right people all while saving you time! 

On the Go Communication

With the aNinja mobile app, when clients email, text, or call you’ll receive push notifications and can respond in real-time on your mobile device.  One of your clients has a last-minute cancellation?  Or needs to reschedule?  No problem.  You’ll know right away and you can always reach out to another client that wanted to get a session in.  With access to your Gym Sales CRM anywhere, anytime you can always have your schedule fully booked, maximizing the profit and productivity of your gym.

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