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Why SMS is Essential in CRM Today

Automated SMS Feature

In this day and age, optimizing your business for mobile accessibility is paramount, but not just for the client’s sake.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to be in full control of your day-to-day operations regardless of time or location; in the case of a small business, this usually means connecting with leads in a timely manner. But the challenge isn’t always reaching out to your leads, it’s getting them to reach back, and it’s no secret cold calls and emails often go unanswered.

Everyone knows the most direct and efficient way to contact someone is through SMS; people aren’t afraid of reading new texts like they are opening unfamiliar emails or answering random numbers. Texting is familiar, simple, and friendly, and if it isn’t included in your CRM, it’s time for a serious reassessment.

Importance of Client Communication

Customer Relationship Management software is designed to make communicating with clients easy, so why shouldn’t it include the easiest method of communication?

The key to a successful business is a successful communication of value. As a small business owner, you need to utilize every possible avenue of communication available to make sure your value is known. Running a business without SMS is like driving from Boston to New York only on backroads; sure you’ll get there, but not without a whole lot of twists and turns on the way.

aNinja’s communications aren’t this way or the highway, aNinja is the highway: it not only offers SMS texting, but unlimited phone lines, meaning you and your whole team can reach out to leads with personal phone numbers fully equipped with text and call. Add in email hosting and you’ve got a three-headed communication beast, ready to take your business to the next level.

Your CRM is supposed to help you, not limit you. Show your leads why you deserve them through an effective value proposition proposed properly through SMS.

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