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Why Pick a CRM with Text Message Marketing

Why Pick a CRM with Text Message Marketing 

Picking the right CRM for your business is an important decision that will have long-term effects on your business and the success of your marketing strategy. The marketing industry has proven time and time again that combining multiple marketing platforms will allow for multichannel growth. Multichannel growth will ensure maximum exposure of your business which will help you increase your client base and close more deals. 

A platform we think is vital to a CRM? Text message marketing. This platform will give your business the ability to connect with new leads, strengthen relationships, and get business moving faster than ever before.

Automated and Personal Communication

What’s great about text message marketing, and why you want a CRM that offers it, is that you directly communicate with your customers. With aNinja’s CRM you can create text message templates to send out to all of your leads. Once you initiate the conversation with a lead and they respond, you can hop on your CRM interface and foster a personal and engaging conversation to move the business forward.

 If you’re a store owner, you can automate messages about sales and new products.

 If you’re a gym owner, you can quickly send out loads of messages about new class schedules.

 If a customer has a question about something, you can get back to them right away. 

An added bonus with aNinja’s CRM is that we’ll get you started with a new professional phone number that is synced to your CRM. This way you can talk to clients when you can, but also maintain privacy by not using your personal cell phone number. 

Increase Customer Engagement

By establishing personal conversations over text, you’ll increase customer engagement and therefore increase customer loyalty, retention and brand awareness. 

You may be thinking… “But can’t I do that all with email?” Well, yes and no. 

Did you know that text messages have an open rate of 98% and email open rates can drop as low as 21%? Loyal long term customers will probably open your emails, but the odds in your favor shrink when it comes to reaching out to new leads. Another key statistic is that text message marketing has an average response rate of 45% whereas email marketing’s response rate is much lower, closer to 10%.  Text message marketing can be your foot in the door to increase customer engagement and start those meaningful conversations that close more deals for your business. 

Strengthens Target Audience Reach 

Back to the idea of multichannel growth, text message marketing connects you to leads to reinforce and grow their initial interest. If you’re running Facebook ads to grow leads – awesome. What will help you even more is following up after that ad catches a lead’s attention, so you can have a meaningful conversation and confirm their interest in doing business with you. Turning your target audience into your client base is the ultimate goal, and adding text message marketing to your marketing strategy will pave the way to achieving that goal. 

If you want to add text message marketing to your marketing strategy, get going with aNinja’s CRM. Schedule a Demo with one of our team members today!

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