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Why Gyms Need to Automate Communication

Client communication is key in building your brand and network, but when you’re running a gym, there are only so many hours in a day. That’s why we’re here. By automating communication, you’ll be spending less time behind a desk and have more time to be in your gym, doing what you love. Marketing your gym with aNinja’s CRM saves you time, eliminates human error, creates consistency for your clients, and so much more. 

Workflows Make Communication Simple

What’s unique about gyms is that you’re not looking to make a one and done deal with a client, you want to work with them throughout their fitness journey. Keeping track of how everyone is feeling, how they’re improving, and more, is very important, The downside is that doing so is consuming and difficult without the proper support. Workflows allow you to put your clients into groups based on what they’ve committed to. 

An example workflow: Had a Consultation, Took a Trial Class, Signed up for a Monthly Membership, etc. 

With aNinja’s workflow feature, you can view all of your clients in their respective category in one place. You can easily visualize the progress you’re making with each client, where your efforts are falling short, and where you want to maximize automated communication. 

Consistency is Key with Email/Text Templates

How often are you reaching out to your clients? Especially with new leads, a text or email checking in can make a huge difference in if they return or not. It’s important to know they’re working out at a place with employees who care, and will be there when they need assistance or motivation. Typing those emails, however, can be time consuming and usually not on the top of the to-do list. That’s where we come in. We create personal and engaging email/text templates that are automatically sent to your clients and leads.

“But — what if they have questions for me you don’t know to answer?” – We’ve figured that one out, too. With aNinja  CRM, you can hop on a desktop or mobile device, and be able to respond to any messages or questions your clients are sending. This way the communication is still personal, and we get the ball rolling for you. 

Email/text templates are designed to save you time, and know that you’re putting an equal amount of effort in with every customer. By eliminating human error, no one is accidentally left out of an email list. We want your clients to feel comfortable and supported, and aNinja’s email/text templates ensure that. 


Automated Communication Sequences for Gyms 

“But — how will each client be receiving a message that’s relevant to their fitness journey?”

After we develop a set of email and text templates personal to your gym, we can create a sequence that sends your client base emails relevant to them, over the course of your preferred period of time. Have some clients that are interested in a winter workout program? Awesome, we’ll be pushing out a specified sequence to them for the next two weeks. Clients that haven’t been showing recently? We’ll have a check-in text sequence ready for the next few days. 

Thinking your gym could benefit from automated communication, workflows, email/text templates, sequences and so much more? We can get you started today with a 7 day free trial

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