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The Role of CRM in Your Sales Process and How it Can Help

Are you looking to increase the efficiency of your sales process? The answer is yes.  No matter how much revenue you generate, there are always opportunities to make improvements to your sales process.  CRM solutions like aNinja provide the tools necessary to make your sales process even more effective.  

Define Your Sales Process

Do you have a routine sales process currently in place?  A lot of small businesses don’t, but having one will certainly make your life easier.  If you don’t have a determined sales process, then every sale ends up a little different.  Creating a process based on the steps that happen in most sales helps define a concrete sales process. The next step is to then document this process.  Using aNinja’s Workflows you can create steps and statuses to follow.  Having a defined sales process set up within aNinja ensures that your whole sales team is on the same page.  

Tasks in Sales Process

Prospects can be difficult to get in contact with sometimes, so you need to make sure that you have an easy way to remember to follow up if they’re not responding to the first few emails or voicemail messages.  aNinja has a variety of tools you can utilize to make sure that communications with leads are not falling off just because they may be hard to reach.  For example, add a task specific to a lead that reminds you to reach out.  With push notifications on your mobile device and email notifications, you’ll never miss a task.  


Another way to ensure that you’re appropriately following up with leads is by creating a sequence of communications that are sent after a specified delay. This allows you to set up a nurture campaign that sends automated emails and text messages increasing the likelihood that a lead will respond.  Make sure that the templates you’re using in your sequence are varied and not just the same message over and over again.  The point of enabling a sequence is to get a range of communications to a lead to see what one resonates with them.  What we’ve outlined are just a few of the ways that aNinja CRM can help you streamline your sales process to boost your close rate.  If you’re interested in learning more about the other tools aNinja offers to increase productivity schedule a demo with us today!

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