Power of emoji in texts

The Power Of Emojis In Text Messaging Automation

Are emoji Acceptable In Text Message Automation?🤔

Emojis add an extra oomf, some livelihood to your text messages. They make texts seem less promotional and more personal. People use emojis to express things without using words, therefore making your texts less characters. It is acceptable to add emojis to your automated text messages, in fact it is recommended. 76% of Americans have been using emojis in business and work-related communication (smsbump.com). Emojis make your automated text messages visually appealing, easier to understand, and more likely to get responses. 

✨Visually Appealing✨

Just how pictures enhance a presentation, emojis make texts more visually appealing. Consumers don’t want to feel like they’re being messaged by a business, but instead by a person. Emojis humanize your brand, therefore making consumers more likely to respond. Emojis are colorful and fun to use. According to Call Center Helper, a recent study at Penn University showed that the use of emojis can increase customer satisfaction by 78% compared to plain text. They can transform a dull text into an eye-catching message a consumer will want to text back. 

Easier to understand👏🏽 

Emojis express things and feelings that words sometimes can’t. They also are used in place of words to make texts shorter and easier to understand. A picture will resonate in a person’s head quicker than a sentence will. Emojis are also universal, people all over the world understand them. You don’t have to speak a certain language to understand them, and they are recognizable by most people. 

Encouraging call to action 📞📈

Consumers are more likely to respond to a text message if it uses emojis. In fact, “messages started by a business that contained an emoji were four times more likely to elicit a response from a consumer than those that didn’t” (Intercom). As we said, emojis bring life into text messages and make consumers more likely to respond. The point of text messaging automation is to gain leads and bring customers back. Using emojis in your messaging can help your business achieve these goals. So quit sending such formal texts!

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