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Saving Time with Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is a big part of any small business’s marketing efforts.  It’s an easy, and personable way to get in touch with leads and clients.  Plus, emails offer the opportunity to link a call to action, embed a video, or even offer leads and clients an option to respond and get in contact with you right away.  As many benefits as email marketing offers, there is no denying that it can be tedious.  Whether you’re hand typing your emails or copying and pasting previous emails, we don’t blame you if email marketing gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list.  However, email marketing automation will not only save you time but elevate your marketing communications, creating beautiful, eye-catching emails that will increase open-rates and help you engage and convert leads and clients. 


Templates are a key feature of email marketing automation.  Templates allow you to save messages for easy access to reuse later.  Plus you can always adjust or customize your templates if you decide something needs to be changed.  Templates make sure that your messages, branding, and voice stay consistent throughout your communications with leads and clients.  With the time you’ll save utilizing templates, you can create more effective communications to different audiences and segments.


Sequences allow you to create a campaign consisting of a series of emails that will automatically be sent to specific segments of leads or clients.  After selecting what templates you want to use, when you want them to be sent, and who they should be sent to, you can sit back and relax.  Your CRM solution will do the rest of the work sending the right communications to the right people at the right time.  Human errors such as forgetting to send a message, or sending the wrong message to the wrong audience will be eliminated. 


Triggers are another CRM tool that will cross tedious tasks off your to-do list for you.  Triggers initiate actions in your workflow such as sending an email to schedule a call with a lead when they fill out a form on your website or sending a follow-up email post phone call.  Triggers ensure that your leads and clients are getting the specialized attention they need, without adding more work for you.

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