How To Do Text Message Marketing

Marketing a brand in the gym environment is no different than a traditional media placement; except that there is no printing, no press, no media buying, just mobile text messages. These four unique benefits are why text message marketing is a must for any great gym that wants to be considered a “tech” gym by its memberships.


Five benefits that complement mobile marketing strategies for gyms:

  1. The client doesn’t have to go to the gym – Forget the awkward interruptions from posters and so on, just text a gym and you’ll receive a promotion. Even though you are not in the gym, you can receive messages about exercise classes and deals, including free membership if you sign up. The personalized, tailored, message is superb. A personalized message lets you know about sales, classes, bookings, and so on, in a succinct way. It is perfect for sending notifications to members as well.
  2. Notifications are perfect for lead generation – usually many fitness centers have deals or free events. Sending a “need to know” alert allows a gym to market regularly to its members when there is a new event. A reminder can help sign up new members or convert your existing members, regardless of the frequency of the reminder. Mobile marketing campaigns offer more “look and feel” than print. When a website feature (ads) is a print ad, you can obviously not see them when you are at the gym. A text message notification can make them much more visible. That personalized code and text becomes a part of the environment you are experiencing.
  3. Google Images tool will make your store’s and website branding even better – Why are gym members looking to buy gyms if they don’t need one? Something that really hit home for me was the emails and listings that had links to videos and other types of information. The mobile users just look at these more than the desktop users. The professional texts look great too, and video clips can be brilliant and very targeted depending on the relevant deal or offers, where members can get most of their fitness tips.
  4. Mobile devices make it fun for customers to use it – You can utilize the device because they are the most accessible. It also doubles as a location screen. What makes this all the more interesting is that you can send your real time messages with various calls to action, helping members who need to be changed to go to the gym.
  5. Easy to monitor all accounts – It is very easy to update your account which is always very cool, especially to let members know what events are happening, when you will be there, whether you are changing/adding members, etc. Thanks to Google Messages, you can both keep these accounts from being shared with each other. 

Mobile Messaging

As mobile messaging becomes more mainstream, it is going to make life easier for companies. Of course, you can put up more “look and feel” ads, but in-app advertising gives the best reach. Mobile-enhanced ads also provide a real time targeting. If you are not doing a mobile marketing campaign, it’s a must. Mobile is the future of the fitness industry. The internet of things has shown us the future we are all happy to be a part of, and that future is mobile. This future has arrived in fitness and insurance. With gym and other fitness club opportunities being inundated with mobile devices, it is definitely time to start thinking about mobile marketing. Thankfully, it is also something that will become a common way of making your club stand out, have great deals, and invite members to more services. 

Social Media

Social media is growing and getting stronger all the time. Thus, it’s a must to use it for your business. Besides, you won’t want to fail your customers at such a crucial stage of their life, which is getting good shape. It’s important to start putting a proper plan in place. Go With a Commercial email Marketing Application Over the past few years, software developers have come up with new offers to marketers who need to use email marketing applications for text messaging service. This does not mean you should give up on your SMS plan; you can just go with a commercial advertising email application instead. If you choose to do it, go with a simple protocol for making them a part of your subscriber list. All you need to do is start this protocol using the commercial email application, and you’ll get a surge in your subscribership. Thank you very much for reading this blog on making your SMS more effective. We hope this has provided you with some vital information, including tactics and tips on SMS marketing.

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