How CRM Transforms Your Email Marketing Campaign

Using a CRM to send communications to leads and clients will elevate your email marketing increasing your open and click rates and boosting conversions.  Let’s get right into it – here are the top 4 ways using a CRM enhances your marketing campaign. 


  • Automation


Did you know that when you use a CRM you can automate almost every step of marketing campaign?  If you did know that I bet you’re already using a CRM and know the benefits and ROI that comes with it.  If you didn’t know that, let me tell you a little more.  Templates, sequences, and triggers will not only save you time by automating tedious and repetitive tasks, but will also help create high quality, effective marketing campaign.  


  • Personalization


When using a CRM to send email marketing communications you can easily personalize messages to input details that are associated with a lead or contact’s information without having to copy and paste or manually type in specifics.  For example, information like name, appointment date and time, product or membership plan, and more can be auto-filled.  This immediately makes your communications feel more personal and tailored with no extra effort on your end!


  • Consistency


CRM allows your email marketing campaigns to be consistent.  From using templates to create uniform email newsletters complete with personalized branding to setting up sequences and triggers to ensure that your customers are receiving the proper communications at the proper times.  You no longer will have to remember to send that follow up email in 2 days because your CRM will do it for you! 


  • Data


One of the best things about CRM solutions is the amount of data that it can provide.  With A/B testing your CRM software can provide important information about the effectiveness of your emails.  For example, test 2 different subject lines or  2 different call to actions against each other to see which is performing better and then optimize your campaign accordingly.  CRM can also track customer interactions like open rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates.  
It’s not hard to see the value of utilizing a CRM to improve your email marketing strategy.  CRM solutions undoubtedly help any business manage their marketing communications and customer relationships, but they are especially helpful for small businesses that don’t have the resources for an entire marketing department.  Learn more about how aNinja CRM can help your small business automate your marketing tasks when you schedule a demo today!