How aNinja is helping during COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 has greatly impacted the lives of everyone around the world. It has created many new challenges and required us to change our ways of working. 

Here at aNinja, we believe that technology can change lives and only through the power of community can we get through these tough times together. Today, we’d like to share some of the ways we’re working to do our part in helping all of us emerge stronger.

Partnership with MasksOn

We would like to announce a partnership with MasksOn, a nonprofit organization determined to tackling the COVID-19 crisis in a tangible way by providing reusable face shields to supply healthcare professionals because of the lack of PPE (personal protective equipment). We chose to partner with MasksOn because they embody our mission of providing high-quality service to the people who need it most – medical professionals. In these uncertain times, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals are heroes and we’re proud to be supporting them.

What MasksOn Does

MasksOn is a nonprofit organization that’s aiming to provide PPE to medical professionals that are currently facing a shortage. Their masks are NOT FDA approved and are not meant to replace N95 respirators or FDA cleared PPE. Instead, their purpose is to support those who are performing the highest risk procedures on COVID positive patients that have no other options.

To accomplish their mission, MasksOn purchases full-face snorkel masks from supplies around the world and does not interfere with current efforts to secure PPE for those who need it. The next step is to manufacture custom-made adapters that ensure the mask is secured with a bacterial/viral filter. Afterwards, the face shields are completely assembled and then packaged and shipped free of charge to clinicians. All proper procedures are taken to make sure that the risk of infection is minimized and that the masks are sterile. 

Currently, MasksOn has raised over $2,000,000 and shipped almost 13,00 masks and the estimated clinician-days of protection that these masks provide is over 12,000,000. This organization is making a clear impact and therefore, aNinja is proud to partner with them for the duration of the COVID crisis.

How we’re supporting MasksOn – a CRM empowering the fight against COVID-19

To support MasksOn, aNinja is doing what it knows best – empowering organizations to seamlessly communicate between customers and employees. In this case, aNinja is specifically focusing on streamlining the orders management and connecting to MasksOn’s digital manufacturing platform for the processing of MasksOn face shields and connecting medical professionals (the customers in this case) with the staff at MasksOn (the employees). We’re doing our part to tackle the COVID crisis in the best way that we know-how. 

Looking Ahead

We are all living in historic times right now and facing an extraordinary amount of challenges and uncertainty. All of us at aNinja are prepared to work tirelessly to support those in need. We want to give a massive thanks to our employees, the folks at aNinja, and everyone else around the world working hard to put COVID-19 behind us and keep building a better future. Thank you.

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