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Gravity Forms CRM integration with aNinja

Gravity Forms is an easy to use form-building plugin option for your website. With a drag-and-drop builder interface and over thirty-three different formats including user surveys, polls, file upload forms, support requests, online orders, quizzes, questionnaires, and even multi-page forms with save-progress buttons you can create advanced, professional, mobile-optimized forms for your site.
If you haven’t created a form for your website yet, it’s a must. Not only does it help secure your inbox by minimizing spam and junk mail since you no longer need to have your email address on-site for customers, but it standardizes any inquires that come your way. With form customizability, the information you ask of a customer will be formatted according to how you design your form to best suit your business targets and goals.

Moreover, utilizing a form on your website is key to boosting lead generation and getting the contact information you need to nurture and follow up with leads. Since your website and form are accessible 24/7 lead information can be collected even if you’re not on the clock! Customers can reach out to you at any time using the contact form on your website to effortlessly send you a message, satisfying their need for quality customer service and your need for lead information.

Additionally, when you integrate Gravity Forms with aNinja, all the collected information will be sent straight to your CRM dashboard. This allows you to have all your data and information in one place so you can manage your contacts more efficiently using all the tools available with your aNinja account. Integration with aNinja syncs all incoming form submissions so you can manage, track, and segment your leads and contacts.

Use this easy 7 step tutorial to integrate all your leads from Gravity Forms straight to aNinja today!

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