email marketing mistakes

Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Email marketing is an effective way to communicate with leads, clients, and prospects in order to develop relationships and grow your business — but make sure you’re doing it right! One of the worst things that can happen in marketing is putting energy into something that won’t be effective. Check out our tips for mistakes to avoid when creating email marketing campaigns so that you’ll be able to maximize the growth of your business. 

An Inconsistent Sending Schedule

If you generate a lead, you’ll lose business if you wait days to reach out. If you take months to check in with a client, you’ll backtrack the relationship you’ve built. By implementing a consistent sending schedule (super easy with aNinja’s automated communication services) you’ll be able to create consistency in your relationships with clients and leads, which will be invaluable to your business. Here are some tips to help create a consistent sending schedule that makes sense for your business:

  • Set up an automated email to be sent out as soon as a client fills out a contact form / gives their contact information
  • Follow up daily for the first 3-4 days after a lead gives you their contact information
  • Monitor your own inbox – how many times a week do you get emails from your favorite businesses? What is the content like?
  • Send emails with different content – this way you can connect with a client/lead multiple times a week without coming off as repetitive

Not Including Hyperlinks & CTAs

Picture this: you read an email, are engaged with the content and want to learn more, but there is no link to the company’s website. Then what? you’ll lose interest and forget about it. 

Don’t let that happen with the emails you send out! Provide direct and useful hyperlinks and CTAs (calls to action) within your emails to get your lead right where you want them to be. 

Not including hyperlinks and CTAs in your email can end up being a fatal error. What’s great about emails is that you can hyperlink any words that will bring the recipient to any website page you want them to see. Add a hyperlink to additional information, like this one. Or a direct CTA to a registration form to help your client move along in the process. 

Boring Subject Lines

Did you know that email open rates can drop as low as 20% in some cases? With statistics like that – you’ll want to ensure that your email doesn’t fall into the pile of unopened messages. An engaging subject line is the best way to accomplish that. Here are some tips for adding engaging subject lines into your email marketing campaigns:

  • Be direct, not passive
    • Ex. instead of: “Big Sale Today!” make it: “Save 60% on ____ Today!” 
  • Play up branding
    • Does your business have a slogan or mascot? Tie it into the subject line to show off your style
  • Ask a question
    • Ex. Instead of: “We offer ______ services” make it: “Do you need _____?”

Want to take the leap and enhance your business with effective email marketing campaigns? aNinja makes it simple. Schedule a demo call today and we’ll get you started.