Chatbots: What They Are and How They Work

What Are Chatbots

Yes, the year is 2021 and we chat with bots now. Well- sort of. Chatbots are software applications used on websites to automatically respond to users. More than half of all B2B websites now use a Chatbot, and the number is growing week by week. This is because modern business is updating to more automated options and a Chatbot is both automated and value-packed. Chatbots provide 24-hour support, save time, and generate leads. 

How Chatbots Work 

Chatbots are programmed to respond to keywords and use machine learning to respond to messages outside of those keywords. Chatbots learn more as they communicate more with users. For example, if a user asks a new question, they learn from that experience as a human would, to answer it for the next time. Some can even respond to voice messaging and they are only getting more intelligent. 

24-Hour Support 

One of the greatest values of Chatbots is their ability to provide 24-hour support. Unlike a human, a Chatbot does not need to clock out and go home every night. Chatbots can stay active, answering users’ questions 24/7. This is crucial because 82% of consumers claim that instant responses to their questions are important when contacting brands (Business 2 Community). If a customer is inquiring about your business, a chatbot will be there to answer their questions regardless of the time. 

Saving You Time and Money 

The average person will send about 40 business-related emails per workday and attend about 62 meetings a month. Your employees’ time is valuable and because time is money, it should not be wasted. In fact, Chatbots can cut operational costs by up to 30% ( It allow your team to allocate their time to more complex tasks. This prevents burnout, as employees grow tired of answering the same questions. Because of chatbots, you can increase efficiency in the office and still provide your customers with the service they need.  

Generate Leads 

Chatbots can support customers just as well as humans. They use programming and machine learning to know when to prompt the essential information for a lead. It can set up meetings and send support information. In addition, most chatbots can lead users back to your website if they leave the tab open. The tab will blink with a notification as the chatbot tries to reach the user. This attraction can generate more leads and website traffic. Convinced you need a chatbot on your website and help to generate leads? Let us help.

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