Chatbot vs. Live Customer Service Agent

Looking into the best way to connect with your customers? Today there are so many options on the market, two popular ones are chatbots and live customer service agents. 

Have you ever found yourself on a website and a chat box pops up to talk to you? That’s either a chatbot or a live customer service agent. We’re here to break down the differences between the two and figure out which one will best serve small businesses. 


When you add a chatbot to your site, you will be able to create questions and a set of premade responses that a visitor can choose from. These will be specific to your business and build data as to what your clients are looking for most. 

Here’s an example of what your chatbot could ask if you’re a gym owner:

  What can I help you find today?

  • Class schedules
  • Covid-19 protocols
  • Membership Rates

Your chatbot can go on to ask:

What’s your email address? We’ll send you more information on our services!

  • ___________________

A chatbot is an awesome feature because it allows you to personalize your communication with potential customers. The personalization, of course, only goes so far as it is automated, but it’s still a great option in order to increase engagement with your customers. An added bonus is that a chatbot’s ability to obtain a lead’s information has been proven to increase lead generation rates 3X more than traditional contact forms. 

P.S. With aNinja’s CRM our chatbots will obtain client contact information and automatically load it into your dashboard. This way you can focus more on closing deals and less on the tedious tasks of updating your client lists. 

Live Customer Service Agent

Just based on the name, I’m sure the benefits of a live customer service agent can be assumed. The leg up that live customer service agents have is that they’re real people, they don’t need to be pre-programmed and they can help your customers with just about anything. 

The large downside to living customer service agents is the financial investment into the service. Considering you’d be hiring a new employee(s) to respond to leads in real-time can add up rapidly. There is strong evidence to suggest that you’d eventually have a high return on your investment, but that is based on large scale companies. 

Chatbot Wins

So – which option is worth it? At aNinja our goal is to strengthen small businesses and one aspect we always keep in mind is budget. Small businesses don’t have massive funds they can allocate to a marketing strategy and for that reason, we recommend the chatbot. Building a web presence is an uphill battle and adding a chatbot can engage leads and bring your business to the next level without breaking the bank!
If you’re looking to get started and enhance your website, connect with one of our team members here.

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