Chatbot vs. Contact Forms – What’s Best for Lead Generation?

Could your lead generation rate be higher? At aNinja, we believe there’s always room for improvement, especially when it comes to your small business. Lead generation is key in improving your communication with potential customers, increasing your conversion, and gaining loyal clients. 

So – how are you going about it? Chatbots and contact forms are two of the most common ways to generate leads on your website – but which one is better? Let’s figure it out together.


Chatbots offer 24/7 support and can be customized to your business needs. Want to offer a free trial to everyone who comes to your website? Great, a chatbot will do it for you. Chabots work in real time with live conversation to assist your clients and obtain their contact info. Not only does this save you time in manually entering contact information, but we can equip the Chatbots to answer any frequently asked questions so that you don’t have to worry about it. 

When you use the aNinja chatbot, you’ll increase the conversion of your website’s traffic up to 300 percent! Plus, there’s no need to worry about it being impersonal, because we can build out the questions and responses your chatbot gives to be specific to your company. 

Contact Forms

We’ve all filled out contact forms before – so you know, contact forms are direct and to the point. If your website is engaging, a client might sign up to receive more information. 

Opposed to the Chatbots live communication, contact forms are embedded in your site and leave it up to the user whether they want to give out their information or not. What’s great about them is that once a client fills it out, their information is immediately added to the CRM. There’s no chance for entering a phone number wrong due to human error. The downside is that if a client is hesitant – there’s nothing engaging them or offering them supplemental information.

Chatbots are Superior

If you couldn’t tell, chatbots are definitely the better option for lead generation. The main difference being that chatbots are mutually beneficial and benefit the user visiting your site as well as your company. Being able to engage a new client is key in earning their business, and chatbots are the best choice to help you get there. Get one for your website today!

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