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aNinja Ranked the #1 CRM for Small Businesses

Have you heard? We’re celebrating, and want you to join in on the fun. 

Compare-crm ranked aNinja as the #1 CRM for small businesses. Compare-crm is a site that assesses and ranks all of the top CRM software out there. They consider pricing, accessibility, mobility and automation in order to determine the best overall CRM, and we’re so honored to be at the top of their list

Join us at #1 by using aNinja to automate your communication, optimize strategies, and close deals. You’ll be running circles around your competitors in no time. 

Pricing plans are ideal for Small Businesses

aNinja offers all of its clients a 7 day free trial to test out the CRM. After that, we have 3 different plans offered at 3 different price points; Starter, Advanced, or Pro. These plans are offered monthly with no contract, or annually with an additional discount. Whichever plan you choose you’ll still have unlimited email power tools such as view tracking, mail merge, send later, snippets, and thread splitters, as well as, pipelines and pipeline items. All of this and more, made aNinja a shoo-in as the #1 CRM

 In terms of pricing, compare-crm scored us at 8.5/10 as we have a variety of options, all of which are at realistic price points for small business owners. A lot of the other CRMs on the market jack up their price points, but our goal is to be affordable and effective. 

Accessibility is Key for a #1 CRM

An issue a lot of CRMs run into is having a quality CRM, but it’s accessibility is too advanced for the average client. Compare-crm gave aNinja a 9/10 for accessibility, as we’ve built a high quality CRM with every type of user in mind. Whether you’re a tech wizard or can barely operate a smartphone, we’re confident you’ll be able to use aNinja. We offer a customizable dashboard that will only show you what you want to see, and if you have any questions, we offer full 1-on-1 demos to all of our clients during your free trial. 

The Mobility of aNinja’s App Makes Us the #1 CRM for Small Businesses

With our state of the art mobile app optimized for iOS and Android, it’s not a surprise we also received a 9/10 for mobility and that we’re the #1 CRM. When you’re on the go, you’ll always have the ability to check in on new leads and answer questions from clients. We know that small business owners are always on the go, and that’s why picking a CRM with a quality mobile app is so important. 

Want to check it out for yourself? Download the app here. 

Automation Services are the Best for Small Businesses

Our automation services are second to none, and that’s why Compare-CRM gave us a 9.5/10. Small business owners need as much time in their day as they can possibly get, and a lot of that can get eaten up by sending follow-up emails with new leads. With text and email automation, we focus on the tedious tasks and you have more time to be building more meaningful relationships and closing deals. We offer custom communication sequences and triggers, personalized templates for email & text, bulk sending and much more.

Our goal is to help your business be #1, too. Want to work with the best? Clic here to sign up for your free trial.