complete crm checklist

A Complete CRM Checklist

CRM (customer relationship management) is essential for businesses’ success in building relationships with their customers. A good CRM system will help businesses create brand loyalty and customer retention, while also fostering strong relationships with customers and increasing profits. So, what makes up an effective CRM system? 

Automated Communications

Marketing is time-consuming. Running a business is time-consuming. CRM can save both businesses and customers time and errors through automated communications. Instead of having to manually respond to every lead and client, you receive, a CRM platform (specifically aNinja), can do the work for you. Through tools like workflows, templates, sequences, and triggers, CRMs can help give clients a response immediately when they need it, rather than waiting until you’re available to give it to them. Automated communication also gives you the opportunity to build brand consistency by allowing businesses to create the same imagery, voice, and messaging across all communication channels. 

Communication Channels

Another good element of a good CRM system is communication channels. Communication channels give businesses the ability to communicate with their customers effectively and efficiently. Communication channels can include text messaging, email, and even calling (like what customers would get with aNinja). With these features, customers always have an open line of communication with the people they’re doing business with, further increasing the trust and loyalty in the brand. 

Lead Generation & Marketing 

Lead generation is perhaps one of the most important parts of a CRM system. An effective lead generation tool will help you target potential customers and convert them into loyal clients. Features like chatbots and forms can increase the effectiveness of your website. A chatbot offers real-time lead generation through live chat. They gather lead info, take messages, send follow-up texts and emails, and answer basic questions. Additionally, using chatbots increases the conversion rate of your website’s traffic by up to 300%. Another lead generation tool is a form, which gives customers the opportunity to contact you within your website. Forms allow businesses to get leads’ contact information and integrate those leads into the CRM software. These forms are effective because they’re accessible 24/7 and can be collected outside of normal working hours. 

Lead View Features 

Lead generation is extremely important in a CRM system, but having the ability to keep track of those leads is just as important, if not more. A good CRM system will allow businesses to access accurate and updated information about leads. aNinja, in particular, has a lead management system with features like custom fields, opportunities, tasks, notes, and smart lists to help better maximize productivity and progress through workflows. 


Nowadays, clients want their business at the tip of their fingers at all times, no matter where they are. This is why it’s crucial that mobility is prioritized when building CRM systems. Offering your CRM as an app can help you stand out from the competition by allowing your clients to have access to their CRM at any moment. 


It’s important for businesses to have a comprehensive report of all of their CRM information. This is why having a reporting feature in a CRM system is crucial for its success. A feature like an extensive, detailed dashboard that allows the tracking of certain aspects of your business is a perfect example of how reporting should be done in a CRM system. aNinja offers this dashboard feature, with the ability to customize the widgets on the dashboard for what best suits your business.