4 Reasons We Love Chatbots

Chatbots are a core component of aNinja’s strategy, and an essential feature to have on any website. aNinja’s chatbots offer real-time lead generation via live chat while increasing the effectiveness of the website. Here are four reasons why we love chatbots (and we think you should too). 

           1. 24/7 Customer Support 

Websites get traffic at all hours of the day, even when support teams are off the clock. This can make it difficult to offer customers the help they need after hours. Chatbots solve this problem. Chatbots give visitors to your website the luxury of support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers can ask questions and receive answers whenever they want, no matter what time of the day. 

           2. Opportunity for Personalization & Humanization

aNinja’s chatbot feature allows businesses the ability to personalize the chat/email responses customers receive when they initiate a conversation. Businesses can tailor these responses to certain questions, and utilize the chatbots to convey and reflect the tone of the brand and conversation. Instead of just generalized responses, businesses using aNinja can modify the responses to reflect more of a humanized, personalized tone so customers feel they’re talking to an actual support person, rather than just a chatbot. 

           3. Boost in Conversion Rates 

If visitors to your website get the information they came to the website for through the chatbot, this can produce a sale or conversion. For example, if a potential customer arrives on your website looking for specific information about a product, and you decide to include that information in one of the tailored questions on the chatbot, this question can be answered without you even having to do anything. If the visitor is satisfied with the information they find, they can then convert to a customer and buy the product or service. The aNinja chatbot can actually increase the conversion rate of your website by up to 300%. 

           4. Increase Lead Generation

aNinja’s chatbot, in particular, offers real time lead generation. The chatbot takes the information that visitors input into it, and tracks and saves that information for future reference. aNinja and the chatbot, as well as the particular company, can then use that information to track potential leads and convert them into customers.  Chatbots also give websites valuable customer insights, like what questions are most frequently asked. aNinja chatbots offer multiple choice questions, but if there’s a specific question that customers continue asking that isn’t included on the multiple choice list, this can give the company an idea of a possible question to add to the chatbot. 

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