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2 Must Follow Rules in Text Message Automation

Text automation has really taken off in the last few years and we’ve learned a thing or two about the best way to go about it. Texting clients and automation services are effective ways to market your business because you’re forming personal relationships, and giving your lead the opportunity to voice their questions and concerns. 

Here are the two (yes – only two!) rules you should always follow in text automation to maximize success. 

Always Introduce Yourself in Text Messages

Introduce yourself – it’s as simple as that. Even if you’re sending out text messages everyday or a few times a week, you should always be introducing yourself. This not only reminds the recipient of who you and your company are, but it builds the relationship. Additionally, it’s important to introduce yourself because people tend not to add unknown people to their contacts, let alone respond to their message. Your best chance to close the sale comes from communicating who you and your business are to the client. 

Text messages themselves are your introduction into closing the sale. So ensure that you’re keeping yourself at the forefront of their mind by consistently reminding them who you are and proving you are a business owner who keeps their customers in mind. 

Always Ask a Question in Text Messages

Text message automation can only go so far if your client doesn’t respond. We say to always ask a question in your messages because it will give your clients a reason to respond, and therefore open the door into building a relationship. 

You can keep things simple and low stakes, with questions such as “Are you interested in learning more about _____?” or you can progress the relationship, and ultimately close the sale with questions like, “When are you free to go over _____?”  

Asking questions creates an opportunity for communication, and you’ll rarely close sales without  communicating with a client. 

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Automation Services with aNinja

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